Feng Pao Hsii

FPH-SSR-APLAR Fellowship Grant

Professor Feng Pao Hsii, a pioneering figure in Singapore Rheumatology, passed away in 2015. The Singapore Society of Rheumatology (SSR) wishes to remember him by inaugurating a fellowship in his name, with the aim of supporting rheumatologists to have exposure to the practice of our discipline in Singapore. The application is open to all from the Asia Pacific region with a preference for helping those from developing countries.


  • In remembrance of Professor Feng Pao Hsii as the father of rheumatology in Singapore.
  • To support a young rheumatologist for rheumatology training in Singapore.
  • In addition to training, this Fellowship provides incentive for the trainee to conduct a research project and publish his or her work.

Candidate Eligibility

  • The country that the applicant resides in is a member of APLAR
  • Proficient in written and spoken English
  • Under the age of 45 years
  • Completed at least one-year rheumatology training

Application Process

  1. Interested applicants will apply through the APLAR Secretariat with a full CV, including a recent (within 6 months) passport-sized photo. If the candidate has a research project and/or a specific area of training and/or Singapore supervisor in mind, he/she should include that in the application.
  2. The shortlisted candidates will be forwarded to the SSR Executive Committee. If the candidate is suitable, the SSR will approach the host institution.
  3. The host institution will work with the application to complete the processes, both within the hospital and with the Ministry of Health, to gain the necessary approvals for the attachment.
  4. The successful fellow is expected to start the Fellowship within 12 months of acceptance into the programme, barring unforeseen regulatory delays.
  5. Caveat: There is no guarantee of clinical patient contact through this Fellowship because of the need to comply with the Singapore Medical Council’s requirements. Applicants are advised to visit the Singapore Medical Council’s website for more information. Applicants can be observers even if they cannot practise medicine in Singapore.
  6. The applicant may approach the host institution first. If found suitable and if the host institution wishes to have this applicant be considered for the FPH Fellowship, the host institution then informs SSR and APLAR in writing of her willing to host. SSR and APLAR will expedite the assessment of this candidate. If the candidate fulfills the eligibility criteria and there are no stronger applicants for the Fellowship, he or she will be awarded.
  7. All decisions by the APLAR and SSR are final.

Additional support for attending regional conference in Rheumatology and publication of journal article

Professor Feng was a pioneer researcher and he was strongly supportive of research activity by all Rheumatologists. Therefore, as part of this Fellowship, the SSR offers additional support for conference attendance and paper publication.

  • The SSR will provide a one-time award of up to USD 3,000 for each Fellow to attend a regional conference, such as the APLAR Conference. The conference attendance must take place within two years of starting the Fellowship and the Fellow must present an abstract.
  • The SSR will provide a grant of USD 750 upon the acceptance of an article by a Medline-listed journal based on work initiated during the fellowship, with collaborators from the host institution and preferably based on data generated during the fellowship. This article must be accepted for publication within three years of starting the Fellowship.