Feng Pao Hsii

The Feng Pao Hsii Lecture

The Singapore Society of Immunology, Allergy and Rheumatology (SSIAR) inaugurated the Feng Pao Hsii Lecture in July 2000 to honour Professor Feng (1936-2015). Professor Feng occupies a unique position in Singapore Rheumatology. Not only did he launch the discipline in the country, he was the model Rheumatologist, path-breaking in research, impeccable in clinical acumen and broad-minded in administration. Due to his friendly personality, he made many friends in the world of Rheumatology and he is synonymous with Singapore Rheumatology.

Professor Feng established the first Department of Rheumatology in Singapore at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) in 1985. As a result of his tireless efforts in grooming the initial critical mass of trained rheumatologists, this specialty service is now available in all government hospitals and in the private sector. SSIAR is now known as the Singapore Society of Rheumatology (SSR) with the establishment of a separate society for the allergists. Professor Feng served as the president of our Society from 1981 to 1993.

The list of Lecturers reads like the Who’s Who in Rheumatology. They hail from all around the world. The Society will continue to uphold this excellent tradition of inviting Rheumatologists to talk about their field of interest to our local audience.

List of Feng Pao Hsii Lecturers

  1. 5th July 2000: "The role of diesel exhaust particles in allergic airway disease" - Professor Andrew Saxon
  2. 7th September 2001: "The Cox-2 inhibitors and the quest for safer NSAIDs" - Professor Fan Peng Thim
  3. 12th October 2002: "Rheumatology in the Asia Pacific Region - Unmet Needs and Challenges" - Professor Anand Malaviya
  4. Cancelled due to SARS
  5. 13th November 2004: "Antiphospholipid syndrome - From Systemic Disease to Infective Etiology" - Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld
  6. 16th July 2005: "Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis - Continuing research agenda" - Professor John Edmonds
  7. 12th August 2006: "Ankylosing Spondylitis - What basic science has taught us" - Professor David Yu
  8. 25th August 2007: "Gout - A contemporary approach to an ancient disease" - Professor Peter Jones
  9. 19th July 2008: "Antiphospholipid syndrome - Past, present and future" - Professor Graham Hughes
  10. 15th August 2009: "Arthritis in Children and Adults: Genetic and Environmental Risk Factors" - Professor Alan Silman
  11. 21st August 2010: "Clinical Research in SLE: Immediate Relevance to Clinical Practice" - Professor Michelle Petri
  12. 16th July 2011: "Immune complexity in rheumatology-Therapeutic opportunities abound in a new decade" - Professor Iain McInnes
  13. 13 October 2012: "Key Advances in Paediatric Rheumatology" - Professor Patricia Woo
  14. 28 September 2013: "Vasculitis and Link between Immunity and Infection" - Professor Leonard Calabrese
  15. 5 August 2014: " Early Detection and Management of Pulmonary Hypertension in Systemic Sclerosis and Other Connective Tissue Diseases" - Professor Christopher Denton
  16. 14 August 2015: "How to Treat Systemic Vasculitis - With a Focus on the Outcomes of Therapy for Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasm Antibody Associated Disease" - Professor Raashid Luqmani
  17. 19 September 2016: "Medical Leadership: From Science to Service" - Professor Carol Black
  18. 19 August 2017: "Recent Advances in Inflammatory Myositis" - Professor Ingrid Lundberg
  19. 18 August 2018: "New Therapeutic Strategies in the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis" - Professor Edward Keystone
  20. 17 August 2019: "The Use of DMARDs, Biologicals and Other Novel Agents During Pregnancy" - Dr Monika Ostensen