Feng Pao Hsii

FPH-SSR-APLAR Fellowship

In recognition of Professor Feng Pao Hsii’s contributions and in honour of his memory, the Singapore Society of Rheumatology (SSR) inaugurated the FPH-SSR-APLAR Fellowship in August 2018. One (1) FPH-SSR-APLAR Fellowship grant is available each year. This grant supports the training of young rheumatologists from the Asia Pacific region, particularly those from developing countries, through providing exposure to the practice of rheumatology in Singapore, for a period of (at least) six (6) months. The successful candidate must have a long term commitment to continue clinical work or research in rheumatology in their home country. The grant covers the cost of airfare, accommodation and subsistence.

All successful fellows are required to submit a full report to the Executive Committees of SSR and APLAR within 6 months of completion of the Fellowship, together with a report from their supervisor. Where applicable, completed projects are to be submitted for presentation at a subsequent APLAR Congress of Rheumatology and/or for publication in PubMed listed journals including the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases within 2 years of completing the Fellowship. An acknowledgment of the FPH-SSR-APLAR grant must be included in the manuscript. Failure to submit the report on completion of training, will result in suspension of applications for the FPH-SSR-APLAR Fellowship from the same country  for 1 year. A formal letter will also be sent to the applicant’s head of department and Chairman or President of his/her national rheumatology society to inform them of this decision. 

Only complete applications with the correct supporting documents will be accepted. The decision of the Executive Committees of APLAR and SSR on the award of these Fellowships is final.

Criterias for eligibility

The offer is valid for candidates who fulfil these eligibility criteria:

  • Home country is a member of APLAR
  • Under the age of 45 years
  • Proficient in written and spoken English
  • Completed at least one year of rheumatology training in his or her own country

Documents to be submitted

The following documents need to be enclosed with the application:

  1. Photocopy of birth certificate
  2. Recommendation of the applicant’s present Head of Department
  3. Recommendation of the Chairman or President of the applicant’s national rheumatology society
  4. A full curriculum vitae including a recent (within 6 months) 2 x 2-inch photograph
  5. A general outline of the clinical and/or research work the applicant wishes to undertake
  6. Recent (within the past 1 year) evidence of English language competency such as the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), or OET (Occupational English Test), or PLAB test (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) of the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom
  7. A reference of good standing from the Dean of the candidate’s medical school / University if available

Application process

Interested applicants can apply through two (2) ways:

1. To the APLAR Secretariat

Applicant writes in to the APLAR Secretariat stating their application is for the FPH-SSR-APLAR Fellowship. The shortlisted candidates will be forwarded to the SSR Executive Committee. The SSR will then approach the host institution(s) if the candidate is found suitable.

2. Directly to the host institution.

Applicant writes directly to the host institution. If found suitable, the host institution then informs SSR and APLAR in writing to expedite their assessment of the eligibility of the candidate; granting of the award will depend on availability for that submission year.

If the candidate has a research project and/or a specific area of training and/or Singapore supervisor in mind, this should be stated in the application. Otherwise it will be assumed that the candidate will participate in the pre-existing activities of the host institution.

The host institution will complete the application process including obtaining approvals from the hospital and the Ministry of Health for the successful candidate.

The successful fellow is expected to start the Fellowship within twelve (12) months of acceptance into the program, barring any unforeseen regulatory delays.Note: There is no guarantee that the fellow will be allowed clinical patient contact, as this is subject to approval by the Singapore Medical Council. Applicants are advised to visit the Singapore Medical Council’s website for more information click here. Applicants can be observers even if they cannot practice medicine in Singapore.

Grant support

Up to SGD$20,000 per year for one (1) fellow each year (the amount is flexible and will be proportionate to the duration of the period of fellowship training)

Additional support for presentations at rheumatology conferences and journal publications

Professor Feng was a pioneer researcher who was strongly supportive of research activity by all rheumatologists. Therefore, this Fellowship will offer in addition:

  • Up to SGD$4,000 support to present research findings at a rheumatology conference
  • Up to SGD$1,000 for publication costs for an original article in a Medline-listed journal arising from the fellowship training

SSR has pledged to support this Fellowship in blocks of three years, automatically renewed, unless discontinued by SSR.

SSR reserves the right to discontinue this Fellowship at any time, by giving one month’s advance notice in writing or by email to the APLAR Executive Committee.

SGD =Singapore dollars

Disbursement of funds

The grant will be disbursed in two (2) tranches of SGD$10,000 every three (3) months.

You may download the application form here.

FPH-SSR-APLAR Fellowship Grant Application Form