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I am concerned that I may have a form of arthritis or autoimmune conditions and wish to see a rheumatologist

The Singapore Society of Rheumatology (SSR) does not provide consultations or assist with appointments. We kindly ask that you contact the various public or private medical institutions to arrange an appointment with a rheumatologist.

SSR does not have jurisdiction over complaints and disputes. As such, we would advise you to first contact the institution which the doctor belongs to in order to resolve the problem through the appropriate feedback channels.

If necessary, you may also lodge your complaints with the Singapore Medical Council.

Please contact the Ministry of Health Specialist Accreditation Board for further information. You should also confirm your eligibility to join the local Rheumatology training programmes.

While SSR members are individually active in research activities at their institutions, the Society itself does not conduct research. We suggest that you contact the various institutions for information on ongoing clinical trials and future research opportunities.

Please check our calendar of events or send us your query using the form below.

SSR primarily organizes educational activities for healthcare professionals. For public talks or awareness campaigns, you may wish to contact the National Arthritis Foundation (Singapore) and Lupus Association Singapore.

Information on the Society and membership is available on this website. You may also send us your query using the form below.

We wish to organise a Continuing Medical Education (CME) activity with SSR

We welcome collaborations on CME events on topics related to rheumatology and immunology. To obtain CME accreditation, events must comply with SMC regulations. Kindly contact us with your proposal no later than 6 weeks prior to the proposed date. 


Please be informed that SSR will not be able to endorse any product launch events and that product placement is not allowed.

This is not a function of SSR. Please instead direct your query to the Health Sciences Authority.

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